Checkhouse is an innovative service

Checkhouse is the first company in Portugal, to provide Technical Due Diligence services, allowing owners, companies or condominiums managers to know the real state of their estate, common areas, buildings or enterprises they represent.

Checkhouse Technical Due Diligence

Checkhouse Technical Due Diligence is executed both on Fractions/Villas or Common Areas of buildings, which is a survey carried out by performing non-destructive testing

Inspection of the adjacent buildings before and after the construction work

With this service, we intend to produce a photographic or video report of the existing buildings, surrounding the site that will be the target of works, before the beginning of the same. The objective is to avoid the use by owners of contiguous constructions, avoiding most of the problems that arise after construction;

Condominium Management Companies

Checkhouse offers a service that allows the Administrations of Condominiums and Condominium Management Companies to make a better management of the estates they administer.

Effective management

It ensures an effective management of the condition of the real estate that you own or manage.

Customer satisfaction

It increases customer satisfaction through the identification or anticipation of structural problems of buildings, mostly invisible to the “naked eye”.

Strengthens the credibility

It strengthens the credibility of your condominium management company by being a competitive advantage, resulting in a higher efficiency of the administration of the buildings.

Cost Reduction

It allows a reduction in the cost of repairs, since it detects problems on an early stage.

Aerial filming of the construction work of the Camões parking lot Camões em Guimarães

Checkhouse carried out the aerial filming, using a professional drone, of the beginning of the construction work of the Camões parking lot, in Guimarães, to be carried out by the ACA group.

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Aerial filming using a Drone

Checkhouse has acquired new equipment that allows access to previously inaccessible areas, such as roofs without pedestrian access, or facades with reduced access

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