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Technical Due Diligence executed both on Fractions/Villas or Common Areas of Buildings, which is a survey carried out by performing non-destructive testing, on the following areas:


  • Analysis of Construction and Finishes;
  • Analysis of Electrical and Telecommunications Facilities;
  • Analysis of Water Pipes, Sewage, Gas and Heating;
  • Analysis of Ventilation and air conditioning Systems (HVAC);
  • Analysis of Thermal and Acoustic Insulation.

Are you going to buy a house?
Save Money, time and trouble.

Ask for a Checkhouse.

Have you found the perfect home for you? Great! But, before you buy, make sure it is as perfect inside as it looks on the outside.

Checkhouse is an innovative service executed by a team of specialized technicians using the most advanced technology to diagnose the real status of a property showing up what you don’t see: telephone and electrical installations, sewage systems, water, gas, heating, finishes, etc.

The Checkhouse Real Estate Due Diligence allows you to buy your home without unpleasant surprises. Don’t call it bad luck, call Checkhouse.

Do you want to up the value of your house before you sell it?

If you want to sell your home, guaranteeing a good deal, Checkhouse can help you by making a complete diagnosis of your House.

Is this how you buy a house?

If you’re looking for a House to buy, make sure the walls conceal no secrets. Checkhouse can help by making a complete diagnosis of your House.

Do you know what condition your house is in?

If you want to know how the “health” of your home is, this is the ideal service to clarify it. Checkhouse can help by making a complete diagnosis of your House.

What’s the real condition of my Condominium?

Checkhouse offers a service that allows the Administrations of Condominiums and Condominium Management Companies to make a better management of the estates they administer.

Checkhouse professionals are qualified specialists in the several areas of real estate technical due diligence, that evaluate with accuracy the condition of common areas (Garages; Roofs; Terraces; Entrance foyers and Elevators; Swimming pools, among others), and the fractions of the condos.

Through equipment with the most advanced technology, Checkhouse performs a “check-up” to the quality of infrastructure, visible and not visible, and the equipment of buildings.

From this “check-up” a report I made, that identifies in detail the anomlies and non-conformities and suggests the respective corrective measures. This can be used in court as documentary evidence, in the event of a dispute.

Checkhouse provides counseling service to choose the best proposals, with the purpose of correct the identified anomalies, as well as all the supervision of the work, thus guaranteeing the final quality, at the lowest cost and best schedule.

Advantage nº 1

It ensures an effective management of the condition of the real estate that you own or manage.

Advantage nº 2

It increases customer satisfaction through the identification or anticipation of structural problems of buildings, mostly invisible to the “naked eye”.

Advantage nº 3

It strengthens the credibility of your condominium management company by being a competitive advantage, resulting in a higher efficiency of the administration of the buildings.

Advantage nº 4

It allows a reduction in the cost of repairs, since it detects problems on an early stage.

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