The Checkhouse Technical Diagnostic is a very useful service, which allows the Condominium Managers (internal or external), to offer their tenants a set of services that not only enhance the value of their properties, but also increase the levels of security in the enjoyment of them.

Using technologically very advanced equipment, as well as a team of highly specialized technicians with several years of experience, the Checkhouse Technical Diagnostics, allows the detailed identification of all anomalies in the common areas of buildings, as well as the determination of their origin. All anomalies detected in the various specialities analysed (infiltrations, finishes, electricity, gas, water and sewage networks, HVAC's, etc.), will have, in the Checkhouse Technical Report, an individualised treatment, with an indication of what will have to be done in order to carry out their repair (corrective measures), as well as what will have to be done so that a particular anomaly does not reappear (preventive measures).

In addition to the Checkhouse Technical Diagnostic and the consequent Technical Report (widely used as evidence in legal proceedings), Checkhouse also provides a set of complementary services, which allow you to offer your Condominium a set of tools that will help it solve problems.

These services are:

Map of Works and Quantities: This map is an Excel sheet, in which all the quantities of work (hours) and materials, of all the corrective measures contained in the Checkhouse Technical Report, are detailed. Thus, Checkhouse provides a very important map, which can be used so that the contractors invited to respond to the tender to make the repairs of the anomalies, present their proposals, in a detailed way and so that it is possible to compare them directly.

Valuation of the Works: Placement in the Map of Works and Quantities of the values (at average market prices), to have an idea of the values of each product / task needed.

Elaboration of Work Specifications: This document, normally used for large constructions, is a contract that mentions not only the information contained in the Work Map and Quantity (articulated), but also the contractual issues of the contract.

Contest Process: This phase consists of sending the invitation to the contractors, prior selected, to respond with their proposals, which usually consist of filling out the Work Map and Quantity with the respective values proposed by each contractor. In a second phase, all the proposals will be grouped in a Comparative Proposal Map, which will be an essential tool in choosing the best proposal.

Supervision and monitoring of the work: The Supervision and monitoring of the work allows checking, after the duration of the work, whether the mentioned in the Checkhouse Technical Diagnosis and respective Work Map and Quantities, is being executed according to these documents, thus ensuring the efficiency of the suggested repairs.

Reception the Work: At the end of the work, a last visit will be made to it, to confirm that it is finished. Afterwards, a report will be signed by the 3 parties involved in the work (Owner, Supervisor and Contractor), confirming that the work is finished and that it enters, from that date, into a guarantee period (usually 5 years).